Mini EP – A*mazing

Drop your school bag, grab a MILO, and sharpen up that grey matter – It’s time for Australia’s preeminent, pre adolescent game show from the 1990’s (and a squeak of the 2000’s) A*mazing!

In this mini EP we try to relive the excitement this gameshow inspired in the children of Australia for four years (plus re-runs).

Suggested by our special guest Cas!

One Reply to “Mini EP – A*mazing”

  1. Definitely had me cracking a smile, especially during the segment about the sheer brutality of opinion of the host towards the wealthy kids. Growing up on the unwealthy side of town, I would have enjoyed seeing the host crack down on the rich kids. This mini episode was a lot more raw than previous episodes, and the rapport was solid. Loved the shared humor and hope there are more episodes in this manner!

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