Mini EP – Home and Away pilot episode

Sorry for the long hiatus but dear listers, you’ll be loving this – finally, you get the Home and Away episode I know you’ve all been waiting for! I was able to enlist two longtime fans of the soap, special guests Estelle & Marie! They talk me through the program’s legacy, character development, stable of powerhouse actors and its frequent detours from reality.

(also mentioned, a podcast that Dom makes a guest appearance on, check em’ out!)

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  1. The show’s theme song at the end of the podcast – seriously – I love this goofy sort of music. Yeah, it’s corny as all get-out, but damn, the sound of mastered reel-to-reel tape. The soft rock sound. The snare drum that feels like a well-delivered punch to the stomach. It’s dry, it’s not powerful, but it’s accurate! The dreamy sound of the Yamaha FM keyboards. Whooooooo!

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