Episode 9 – Paws (1997)

This episode marks the podcast’s 1 year anniversary (approximately) and to celebrate we ruthlessly kick to death a forgotten children’s movie from 1997.
A jack russell terrier voiced by BILLY CONNOLLY  holds a priceless floppy disc and he must stop it from falling into the wrong hands… What’s on the disc, Bitcoin or X rated material? Did the director have any idea what he had in HEATH LEDGER? And what maniac created that wooden prop disc-holder birthday gift thing!?


‘Paws’ 1997

Dir. Karl Zwicky
Starring: Billy Connolly, Nathan Cavaleri, Emilie François, Caroline Gillmer, Rachael Blake, Sandy Gore, Joe Petruzzi, Heath Ledger, Richard Carter.

We got our copy of this film from the side of a road but if you want to see it for yourself  it’s apparently available on Amazon prime for $3.99 or Through www.dvdplanetstore.pk

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